History of kin-ball in Spain

 The KIN-BALL® sport was first presented in Spain by Mario Demers in the year 2000, invited by the Spanish Federation of Physical Education (F.I.E.P.). At that moment, the sport material distributor DALTER take charge of the promotion of the sport and the KIN-BALL® sport material distribution. Between the years 2001 and 2003 many teachers and sport education students all around Spain have learnt how to play KIN-BALL® sport. A first Spanish edition of the rule book was published in October 2001 and 30.000 copies of it were distributed. In December 2003 a group of players, males and females, decided to participate in an International KIN-BALL® sport event, the first one for Spain: the 1st European Championship in Angers, France. During the months before the tournament, some practice sessions were planned and the trainer was César Zurdo, from DALTER, who got his trainer certification from the International KIN-BALL® Sport Federation in Canada. Indeed those training session were also planned with a formative goal and became the first coach-referee course level 1 taught in Spain.  At the same time, in November 2003, the Spanish KIN-BALL® Sport Association (AEKBS) was created with the main goal of promoting the practice of this sport throughout Spain.  Since then, the Spanish KIN-BALL® Sport Association has been growing without stop. 4 different presidents have been coordinating the Association during this time: José Manuel Fernández (2003 – 2007), Jaime Anguita (2008 – 2010), Javier Ortiz (2011) and Amador Lara (2012 – present). At present the Spanish Association is very active, counting with more than 100 active members and 18 clubs. Many initiation and promotional events are organized, for kids and adults, with an average of 4.000 people getting in contact with the sport for the first time every year. Specialized referee and coach sessions, with the approval of the International KIN-BALL® Sport Federation, are also organized every season. Around 12 local, regional and national Tournaments and Leagues are played along the year with a high participation, being the Spanish National Tournament the most important one, played every December (with already 8 editions). The Spanish National Teams (male and female) have participated in every European Championship and World Cup organized since 2003. The best results of the national teams until now are silver medal in Eurocup 2008 (males) and bronze medal in Eurocup 2010 (female). The Spanish KIN-BALL® Sport Association has organized the World Cup 2007 (Bilbao) and it is now planning and already organizing the World Cup 2015 (Madrid).

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