Participants' Information (both Tournaments)

General information, answers to FAQ etc.

1. Travel information 

2. Lodging and Meals

3. Training and Tournament Facilities

4. Terms of Payment

1. Travel information


From now (25. 8. 2014) You can find attached pdf files in each team´s section with suggested Transport for a team going from Prague to Hradec Kralove and back from Hradec Kralove to Prague as well.

1) First you need to get from Airport to MAIN RAILWAY STATION - Hlavní nádraží. (see below) 

2) Then you will go by train to Hradec Králové.

3) In Hradec Kralove At the Railway station, you will meet a member of our staff who will give you "OPEN CARD" (which will authorize you to use public transport in town) and will guide you to the hotel.  

The way back will be the same in reverse order.

National Teams HERE. For example: Austria - Transport 

Clubs HERE. For example: Aarhus, Denmark - Transport

HERE you can find official Time table of AIRPORT EXPRESS shuttle service - going from Vaclav Havel Airport to MAIN RAILWAY STATION - Hlavni nadrazi.

(Concerning payment for transport 10 Eur return ticket: We had an agreement with common carrier Student Agency for players who would have been going directly from Airport to Hradec Kralove for this special price.
However we had been supposed to make an order with exact numbers of people and their arrivals by June 16th, which proved to be unrealistic and this kind of transport is not available any more.)

However there is a possibility to HIRE SPECIAL BUS going from Prague to Hradec Kralove and then also back from Hradec Králové to the Vaclav Havel Airport.

The prices for 1 journey, for example from Prague to Hradec Kralove are following:

8 500 CZK  - some 315 EUR (in accordance with valid exchange rate) - by 34 persons in a bus.
10 000 CZK  - some 371 EUR  (in accordance with valid exchange rate) - by 49 persons. in a bus
The same price would be for journey from Hradec Kralove to the Airport.

If you feel like going by this bus do not hesitate to make an order, capacity of this service is also limited.

Traveling by plane: We will arrange for a transport from the Airport and back to the Airport. You will fly to Prague, our capital and then travel by bus to Hradec Králové, which is situated 100 km east of Prague. The cost of transport is 10 Eur per person, return ticket.. For this price we use bus common carrier Student Agency so we can arrange for various arrivals and departure in limits of a standard bus timetable. Essential is to have your order as soon as possibble to keep the price in standard bus range.


If your team goes by train or by bus we expect your destination to be Hradec Králové.

2. Lodging and Meals:

The cost includes standard accommodation in the Academic House for participants of both tournaments (Web page is only in the Czech language, you can see some pictures after the click on the „Jak je u nas?“ in top brown navigation bar.)

1 shower is shared by two double rooms, There are three toilets for men and three toilets for women on each floor. On one floor there are 36 beds.

Double rooms - with refrigerator, small table, wardrobe

Shower - shared by two double rooms


There is a small kitchen on each floor with a stove and sink for making some tea, coffe or lighter meal. However there are no utensils like cutlery, dishes, cups or Electric Jug Kettles provided by Academic house. So if you would like to use this facility, remember to bring needed utensils.

Bar inside the Academic House - breakfast will be served here, also Sunday´s After Party is going to be staged in this room.

The Academic House is located in walking distance of the place of the tournament.

If you prefer some higher standard do not hesitate to ask, there is a variety of stock of accommodation in Hradec Kralove.


The games of both events will be happening in the same sport hall Trebes on different times of the day: European Club Championship games will be held from 9:00 am to 1:30 pm. European Championship games will be held from 2:00 pm to 10:00 pm.

Trebes Hall

Training sessions for National Teams will be held in the hall Slavia and two other locations during European Club Championship games. In the main tournament hall, Trebes, there also is another one, smaller sports field, that can be used for warm up before the play starts.

Training Hall Slavia

Maps - the halls are in the walking distance of the House Academic. However always it is possible to use free public transport. (Each member of the team or a staff will have a special ID card, authorizing the use of public transport during the ECH 2014)


4. Terms of Payment

National teams: Registration fee 250 € per team / Lodging and Meals 150 € per person (from September 24th evening till September 29th morning). This cost includes free public transport in town area during the time of the competition.

Clubs: Registration fee 125 € per team / Lodging and Meals 150 € per person (from September 24th till September 29th). This cost includes free public transport in town area during the time of the competition. If some members of your staff arrive later or leave sooner, please let us know in advance, so we can issue the invoice in the right amount. The price for Lodging and Meals will be charged in accordnace with the actual number of meals nad nights for this particular member of your staff or team.

Deadline for registrations as well as for payments is 1st August 2014. However, the Czech Kin-ball Federation can not guarantee the prices of transport, lodging and meals stated above, if the payment is carried out after June 16th.    

PLEASE NOTE! - To avoid confusion in payment identification -  Do not carry out the payment before you receive the invoice from the Czech Kin-ball Federation.

Suggested procedure:

by email: 

1) Send a Roster for each tournament you are going to take a part in. (See Registration Form ECH2014 here) for national teams. In terms of clubs see registration form here.

2) Send an information how many days (nights) you are going to stay, how many players and staff members will claim meals and accommodation.

3) Send an information concening transport from Prague´s Airport - date and hour of your arrival and departure, number of people.

4) Then the CKF will send you the invoice with all the items stated in accordance with all the above information

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